Wednesday, September 24, 2014

4TH Circle conference of SNATTA (upeast) was held at holy and beautiful place Sangam nagari Allahabad on 14.09.2014. TTAs from almost all part of the circle attended the conference. Conference was presided by Sh  Nityanand pradhan . All the delegates were welcomed by SNATTA Allahabad.
            Open session began with facilitation of chief guest Sh Pushpraj singh JTO and other dias member Sh Anli kumar gupta JTO, Sh Jogendar singh JTO at 11.00 am.
      All the delegates Sh Rabish kumar (vns), Sh Wasim akhtar (vns), Sh Satendra kumar(vns)  Sh Dheeraj kumar maurya (lucknow)  Sh Prashant sharma (banda) Sh Sanjay verma (basti), Sh Rana pratap (ald) Sh Sitharthdev(ald) Sh .Ashok kumar singh (ald) delivered their view on wage loss, JTO RR, withdrawal of  union subscription, role of union.etc.
 Sh Jogendra singh JTO expressed his view and experience in speech about union subscription and other issues.

     After discussion with all delegates chief guest Sh Pushpraj singh JTO declare new circle body.